It’s the most unpleasant thing for several men, but it can take place if you are not cautious enough. You should know all of this.

You must have heard about it in movies and television – but can you actually break your penis? Although fracture in the penis can occur very rarely in men, it is a danger, and definitely men must be cautious regarding the course of their sexual health. “There is no such issue for the men of owner’s manual for penis,” said Drogo Montague, MD, the section head of urology at the Cleveland Clinic. “Majority of them don’t even know that penile fracture is possible.”

Broken Penis

How does it take place?

Dr. Montague says that penis can be broken by two ways – through a penile fracture or due to the condition called Peyronie’s disease.

“Penile fracture is comparatively unusual condition occurring in younger men,” he added. If extreme is added to a completely erect penis, the rupture of erection may be observed – which most possibly might occur when the top position is covered by woman.

“This is usually along with extreme pain and a clear popping sound,” says Montague. “Then the penis is swollen and turns blue & black in color. In nearly 10% cases of penile fracture, the urinary channel or urethra is also damaged.”

Men suffering from penile fracture should instantly get help from an urologist. Montague warns this being a surgical emergency – if you leave it untreated penile fractures may result into deformity, scarring and also erectile dysfunction.

The second reason of a broken penis is Peyronie’s disease – an unusual curvature of the penis because of the damage of the erectile tissue – should not be neglected even though not very serious.

“Peyronie’s disease is a comparatively common problem occurring in a minimum of 9% men,” says Montague. “It is more likely to happen in midlife during erections, while still appropriate for sex, are less tiff than usual and more vulnerable to bending wounds. These wounds, which harm the erectile tissue, are caused due to less force than required for penile fractures, and the injury site is generally out in the penis shaft.”

Risk Factors of Penile fracture

Risky or aggressive sexual positions can be responsible, so you must re-think before having the acrobatic over-the-top sex.

“Men should stay away from any circumstance in which the forceful bending of the erect penis occurs,” states Montague. “The force required for this injury may happen during sex when the girl is on the top and bends a lot more backward or forward. And even if the penis comes out of vagina and the person tries to rapidly re-insert in and fails, the penis may strike the pubic bone of the partner resulting in injury.”

Feel better because the condition can be treated if your penis is broken.

Treatment Options

It can readily be treated with surgery. A blood clot is removed during this process and the tear in the penile muscle is fixed – and the urethra is fixed as well.