People having erectile deficiency problems are prescribed Levitra, which is considered one of the most effective impotency drugs.

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Levitra is a Phosphodiesterase inhibitor that acts on the muscles in the penis. Blood flow and penis erection are very closely related; if there is good flow of blood, the penis grows stronger and harder. Moreover, the hardness will remain for long hours. Levitra relaxes the muscles, which helps in the uninterrupted flow of blood.

Levitra has to be taken only once a day and can be had with food or in empty stomach. Never take more of the doses or take the drug within 24 hours, as it can be dangerous.

If you feel any problem in erection, never buy Levitra direct from the drug store without a prescription. You should have to disclose all about your health conditions when contacting the doctor for your impotency problem. Let the doctor know if you have any problems of the heart, liver or kidney or if you have any blood related issues.

Once you have started to take Levitra, give up alcohol, grapefruit and grape juice as these can have adverse impact on your health. If you are under any nitrate containing medication, levitra has to be discarded as nitrate filed drugs can lower the blood pressure to unknown levels.

Well, when using Levitra be cautious against prolonged erections as such a condition is not good. Prolonged erections are bound to damage the penis.

People using Levitra can experience certain side effects and allergies. In case you feel any uneasiness after taking levitra, better contact the doctor at once.