This is an eye condition which is caused by the inflammation of the conjunctiva. This is a slim clear tissue that lies on the white color part of the eye and the inside of the eyelid. It is also known as the pink eye in most cases. The eye appears pink or reddish. The patient may also feel pain, scratchiness, burning sensation or itchiness. For patients suffering from conjunctivitis may have increased tears in the affected area or stuck shut in the morning due to the discharge. There may be few cases of swelling as well. Allergies can cause itching as well and can affect one or both eyes. Viral infections are the most common cause of conjunctivitis and can be easily spread to other people. It can also happen due to bacterial infections and allergies to pollen and animal hairs as well. There can be certain irritants as well such as shampoos, smoke ,dirt and pool chlorine.


There are many ways to relieve the symptoms of pinkeye. You can protect the eye from dirt and other irritating substances, remove the contact lens, avoid makeup for the time being and use eye drops to help reduce the itching and burning sensation of the affected eye. There are some eyes drops which can irritate the eyes and are not advised to be used. Also, do not use the same bottle of eye drop for the uninfected eye. Conjunctivitis can also be prevented by doing some simple things. One should not touch or rub the infected eye. Always wash your hand with soap and water especially before eating food. If there is any discharge from the eye, make sure that you clean and with a fresh cotton ball or paper towel. Once done discard the same and wash your hand with warm water and soap. Wash the towels, regularly used clothes and other items with hot water and detergent. It is advisable to avoid makeup and also to share it with others. You should not wear someone else`s contact lenses. Use eyeglasses while suffering from conjunctivitis and also clean them once the condition improves.

Conjunctivitis can be treated depending on the cause of the same. If it caused by bacteria then antibiotics can be prescribed to the patient. There are many eye drops, ointment or pills available for the same in the market and can be purchased easily. Follow the prescription and the doctor`s advice to heal the condition quickly. In case of viral conjunctivitis, it is advised to let it run its course. It may be anytime between four to seven days and happens mostly because of the common cold. Avoid all contacts as viral conjunctivitis can be highly contagious and can quickly spread to others. In case you observe any blurred vision then contact a doctor immediately. If it happens due to irritants then clean the eye immediately with water to clear the substance from the eye. If caused by allergies then contact a doctor who can suggest the treatment for the allergy and it will in turn also improve conjunctivitis.