Many people believe that their life’s struggle ends with finding a good job that pays well, getting married and having children. Little do they realise that it is only the beginning. Life is highly unpredictable. Ask any physicist, he will always ask you to consider the variables which can alter the outcome in any event. So is it with life. Money, relationships, home or any other material asset is never permanent. You can have all these things in life and yet find yourself unhappy in search of something missing deep down within yourself.

The more advancement we see in our life, the more complex life seems to be becoming. Ask yourself a basic question. If something were to go wrong with the economy or your country, are you able to grow your own food and sustain yourself with bare minimum needs? The answer would be No. Look at the life of people just two hundred years back. Were they not self sufficient as far as basic needs of life were concerned?

There is no answer to many more questions that would probably come up when we analyze where our lifestyle is taking us. By studying the oriental philosophies we can certainly borrow a few concepts and adapt them into our lives fruitfully. There seems to be a basic difference in the way the western countries who are advanced materialistically and efficient to the oriental developing economies. In terms of physical infrastructure as well as material advancement, there is a world of a difference. While westerners seem to be grappling with stress, anxiety and other emotional disturbance as well as physical diseases resulting out of these issues, there is a sense of overall peace and calm acceptance of life amongst the oriental people. The basic difference is the basic thought and direction of man’s pursuits. The western man has pursued material wealth while the oriental has pursued spiritual wealth.

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In the so called modern society, we see many ills. There is breaking up of families, high rates of divorces and many more issues increasing in their magnitude day by day. People are busy pursuing career and running the race that they have forgotten to life a healthy life. Physical and emotional incompatibility seems to be growing even amongst the younger couples. Many men are finding themselves inviting lifestyle diseases and as a result their libido is taking a beating or they begin to face erectile dysfunctional problems. Then they start taking Cialis and other drugs as prescribed by doctors to resolve their sex related problems, failing which it is likely to affect their relationship possibly leading to a break up. Women too on the other hand are increasingly turning neurotic, emotionally stressed and it is causing havoc with their hormones as well as reproduction cycles. The number of women suffering from gynaecological problems like cysts, fibroids is increasing. All this is happening due to the stress of having to live a materially efficient lifestyle.

The solution perhaps lies in borrowing some of the useful concepts from the oriental cultures and adapting them in our daily life. The Orientals believe in the law of Karma. Besides there is a clear distinction between a soul and the body. They believe that it is the body that suffers due to its past karma or actions, whereas the soul is just a witness , ever peaceful and joyous. Yoga meditation and prayer are the other concepts that can be of great help to us. Daily Meditation can help restore as well as maintain our emotional, psychological as well as physical health and give us higher awareness of our selves. As we progress further in self realisation, we find a larger meaning of our existence and are able to transcend the day to day problems that we face. Prayer and practicing the presence of God can help us get in touch with ourselves and our higher self, thus making us realise the true meaning of life.