Orgasm is a divine gift which helps relieve the person both physically and mentally. Mental satisfaction achieved by orgasm is lost if one gets afflicted with the fearsome disease of impotence. Impotence puts a block on the fulfillment of sexual pleasures through the process of sexual intercourse. Impotence is now widely reported from all over the world and has become a concern for the health professionals. Most common reasons for the occurrence of this disease include mental depression, marital discord and nutritional deficiencies. Pfizer, a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company, is providing a sigh of relief to all those men sick with the frustration of impotence through the introduction of a wonder drug called Viagra. Viagra, thankfully, is an effective solution to the erection problems and is the drug of choice for the treatment of impotence.

VIagra & Erectile dysfunction

How Our Love Organ Erects

As the person receives sexual stimulation, more and more blood start coming to the penis while less blood leaves the penis. This results in net accumulation of blood in the spaces present in the spongy tissue of the penis. Accumulated blood builds up turgidity in the penis by putting pressure on the walls of the sinuses of the spongy tissue of the penis. The turgidity of the spongy tissue due to accumulated blood manifests in the form of erection. Those who suffer from impotence lack the factor which is responsible for increased inflow of blood into the sinuses of the spongy tissue of our erectile organ, hence don’t receive enough blood during sexual stimulation which would cause erection. Viagra acts on the vessels of the penis and causes their dilation, which results in increased inflow of blood to the penis. Incoming blood gets accumulated in the sinuses of the spongy tissue of the penis which leads to erection.

Love plan and related rule outs:

As for the drug dosage and timing, most physicians recommend taking the drug half an hour before engaging in a four hour sexual interaction, the erection time Viagra proudly provides, during which sufficient sexual stimulation would equip you with a sustained and spontaneous erection. The drug is not to be taken more than once in 24 hours time as it might cause severe vasodilatation throughout the body resulting in circulatory shock. If it is your first encounter with this magical wonder drug, 25 mg dosage once in 24 hours and no more is the recommended dosage for you which you might increase in case this dosage doesn’t bring sufficient results. Be aware that drug use and increase in dosage is not to be resorted without physician’s consultation in case you have hepatic, renal or cardiac problems. Protease inhibitors, nitrate vasodilators and erythromycin antibiotics are contraindicated drugs.

Side effects:

Possible side effects of the drug caused by unnecessary effects of the drug on tissues other than PDE5 enzyme are dizziness, cyanotic visual disturbance, and loss in hearing power, runny or in some cases congested nose and lowering of blood pressure.

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